Donate your goods… It Makes a difference… And it’s tax-deductible!thrift5


How to Donate to Highlands Thrift

Donating to Highlands Thrift is a great way to bless others in the community and is a simple process!

Drop It Off

During store hours, feel free to drop off smaller items at the back of the store by the dock doors.  A list of what we do and don’t accept is not only listed above, but also at the drop-off point.  We ask that you abide by these guidelines to make your donation experience hassle free, and help us avoid unnecessary costs to handle and dispose of worthless items.

*Tax Receipts

Donated items are tax deductible.  Simply ask for a tax receipt from the Thrift Store employee who assists you at the time of your drop-off or pick-up.  For more information about pick-ups, please check out the Pick Up and Delivery Services page.

The Pension Protection Act of 2006 states no deduction is allowed for charitable contributions of clothing and household items if such items are not in “good used condition or better”.

In addition, the IRS may deny a deduction for any item with minimal monetary value.  For help in assessing value of donated items, please visit The Salvation Army’s Value Guide for Donated Items.